Uses : Full immersion body of a French Press without the hassle of sludge in your cup, or if you wake up late and hate doing dishes.

Ratio : 20g of coffee, 300g of fresh water

Grind : Fine.  Try a 10 on a Baratza Encore.

Time : 2:00

Notes : Using the Inverted Method, distribute all the coffee into the device. Add half of your water and start your timer.  Give it a nice stir to ensure even saturation of the grounds.  Relax.  At 1:30, carefully but diligently turn the entire brewing device over and onto your mug.  Depress the plunger firmly, stopping at the first sound of air hissing.  Remove the Aeropress and add the rest of your water to the brewed coffee.  Swirl your mug and enjoy.