Menu’s vary slightly at each location.


We use lots of Dairy, Nuts, and Gluten.  Please make special requests known.


AVOCADO TOAST Fresh Avocado and Spices on Wholegrain   $7.75

GREEK AVOCADO TOAST Avocado, Arugula, Feta, Kalamata Olives   $8.75

PEANUT BUTTER, BANANA, HONEY TOAST Natural PB, Banana, and Honey $5.25

BUTTERED TOAST + TOPPINGS Double Slice with various Toppings $3.50

 Available Toppings ($.50 each):Peanut Butter, Local Berry Jam, Local Honey, Tomato, Cheese

($1.25 each): Hard Boiled Egg, Avocado


BARISTA BREAKFAST Oatmeal, Banana, Milk, Cinnamon, Espresso. $5.00

Add honey, Raisins, or Brown Sugar $0.50

TARTINE    Wood Fired Croissant and Jam.  Limited Supply $3.50

GRANOLA + YOGURT    Toasty Granola and Organic Plain Yogurt $5.50

YOGURT    Plain Unsweetened Organic Stonyfield Yogurt $2.25

Add honey, Raisins, or Brown Sugar $0.50


QUICK CUP    Birdseye Medium Roast Ready Now, 12/16oz    $2.50/$3.00

POUR OVER    Choose Light, Medium, Dark, or Decaf, 12oz          $3.25

ESPRESSO    2 ounce Shot of Birdseye Espresso      $2.00

AMERICANO    Birdseye Espresso and Good Filtered Water, 12oz $2.25

CORTADO    Equal parts Espresso and Micro-foamed Milk, 4.5oz      $2.50

CAPPUCCINO    Espresso, Whole Micro-foamed Milk, 8oz $3.25

LATTE    Espresso, Whole Micro-foamed Milk, 12oz. $4.00

CHOCOLATE LATTE    Espresso, Hartzler Chocolate Milk, 12oz $4.75

CAFE MIEL    Espresso, Cinnamon + Nutmeg + Honey, Whole Milk, 12oz $4.50

CHAI TEA LATTE    Made in House with Organic Tea, 12oz $4.00

HOTSHOT Espresso with honey, Cinnamon, and Cayenne. That’s right. $3.00

MATCHA GREEN TEA LATTE Vintage Tea Matcha, simple syrup, and milk, 12oz $4.75

COFFEE CHERRY LATTE    Housemade Syrup with real Cascara, 12oz $4.75

HOT CHOCOLATE    Steamed Hartzler Chocolate Milk, 12oz $3.00

PUMPKIN SPICE LATTE Espresso, Pumpkin Puree Syrup, Whole Milk $5.50

HOT TEA Organic black, green, and many more $2.50


ICED CHOCOLATE LATTE    Espresso and Hartzler Chocolate Milk       $4.75

HONEY BUZZZZ    Espresso, Honey, Cinnamon, Milk over ice, 16oz     $4.75

ICED COFFEE    Birdseye Flash-chilled over ice, 16oz $3.25

COLD BREW Birdseye brewed over 18 hours- Bold & Smooth $4.00

ICED LATTE    Espresso and Hartzler Milk over ice, 16oz $4.50

ICED CHAI TEA LATTE    Made in House with Organic Tea, 16oz $4.25

NOLA ICED COFFEE Cold brew, Chicory, Spices, Sugar, and Milk, 16oz $4.50

ICED MATCHA LATTE    Vintage Tea Matcha, simple syrup, and milk 16oz     $4.75

ICED PUMPKIN SPICE Espresso, Pumpkin Puree Syrup, Whole Milk, Ice $5.25

SAXON SHORE Iced Sumatra, Blackberry perserve + Brown Sugar syrup $4.00

ICED TEA organic black, green, and more, fresh brewed, 16oz $2.50

REAL FRUIT SODAS Fresh Mango, Cascara or Blood Orange concentrate + San Pellegrino $3.25