Uses : Clean cup with still a full body, or if you’re having friends over.

Ratio : 18g of coffee, 300g of fresh water per serving, adjust to taste.

Grind : Medium/Slightly Coarse.  20-22 on a Baratza Encore should get you in the right neighborhood.

Time : About 3:00 per serving (2 servings will be closer to 6:00, and so on)

Bloom : 45 seconds with twice as much water as you have coffee (36g of water for 18g of coffee)

Notes : The Chemex, a brew method even your parents might remember, is much like the pour-over.  We break out the Chemex when we’re expecting company, but they also make smaller versions if pour over drippers aren’t your thing.   Fold and insert your filter into the Chemex, and rinse with hot water if you so desire.  Dump the water and add your coffee.