French Press

Uses : Classic strong full body flavor with a simple elegance type of mood.

Ratio : 20g of coffee, 300g of fresh water

Grind : Medium Coarse.  Not chunks.  Just course enough to not clog your filter.  A 23 on a Baratza Encore is a good place to start.

Time : 4:00.  No more, no less.

Notes : Bring water to a near boil and pour all 300g (ml) of water vigorously into your press pot.  Start timer as soon as the water hits the grounds. After about 3 minutes, use a spoon to carefully push the bloom into the water.  Do not stir.  At 4 minutes, press the plunger down carefully (there should be slight resistance) and immediately pour into your mug or a decanter.  Drink it!