Moka Pot

Uses : Espresso, without the hassle of commercial machines and a second mortgage.

Ratio : This depends on the size of your pot.  You’ll need enough coffee to fill the portafilter basket, and enough water to fill the bottom portion of the pot.  Use 20g of coffee per serving as a starting point.

Grind : Fine

Notes : Fill the bottom portion of the Moka Pot with near boiling water up to the level line.  Drop in the portafilter basket, and add your coffee.  The coffee should fill the basket and be even with the top, but not tamped or compressed.  Make sure no coffee is on the top rim of the filter.  Screw the top portion of the pot onto the bottom, and set the entire pot on the stove over medium heat.  Be careful not to melt the handle.  Within moments the coffee will begin to bubble out into the top of the pot, and when you hear a hissing sounds, your espresso is finished.  Drink by itself or with fresh steamed milk.