Many of you may have signed up for our rewards system in Hudson on the “Old System”. After opening our Chagrin location, we learned that there were much better systems that took away the awkwardness and disorganization. With that, we have retired the old system, and as promised, anybody on the old system that visited our Hudson location at least 6 months prior to October 2018 has retained all their points. We expect this lengthy conversion to be complete by January 2019.

If you feel you have lost loyalty points or rewards, please Contact Us, provide your name, phone number, and email address, and we take care of you.

The New Rewards system is way cool. If you pay with your credit card, you will automatically receive points after your initial Check In. No need to give us your name or phone number, no need for a clunky rewards punch card.

If you pay with cash, you have the option to manually enter your phone number to claim your points.

As before, one dollar earns you one point, and there are rewards at set intervals starting at 50. You can use your rewards or stockpile them for even more extravagant rewards. We will be constantly adding new and exciting reward levels as we grow.

For now, loyalty points are only distributed, and rewards are only available in-store. We’re exploring an easy way to make online purchases count as well.

We know how important it is to have a rewards program, and we are ever so grateful that you have put your trust in us!

NOTE : By joining our rewards program, you do opt in to receive promotional texts or emails. We intend to take advantage of these functions less than 5 times a year. We also hold your information in strict privacy, and will NEVER offer critical or non-critical customer information to third parties.

We like you. We’d like to keep you :)