Ethiopia Gera District

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Ethiopia Gera District


“In Gera District, we have partnered with the Faysel and Nazif Washing Station to produce this lot. The station serves 750 smallholder producers, collecting their coffee in cherry and processing it uniformly at the mill. The coffee is first depulped and fermented underwater for 24–36 hours. Then it is washed and laid on raised beds under a shade cover to dry. The drying takes 10–12 days…
Until recently, coffee grown by smallholders and co-ops in Ethiopia were required to be sold through the ECX, where lots were classified by general region, quality (Grade 1–5), and escaped of most of their traceability. In March of 2017, the prime minister of Ethiopia approved a reform allowing co-operatively owned washing stations to export their coffee directly, which allows for separation of top coffee lots, higher prices for farmers, and increased recognition for the best quality coffees in Ethiopia.

Greater traceability allows us to buy more directly from the same washing stations year in and year out, and opens the potential for partnerships on a more micro level, with individual farmers or smaller groups within a community, to select out special lots.” (Cafe Imports)

Ethiopian coffees are a great place to start for those who are beginning to explore specialty coffee, or who enjoy floral, sweet, or tea-like flavors.  Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee, and selections from this region produce exciting and vibrant flavors year round.

Flavor Notes: Candied Citrus, Cherry Cordial, Smooth
Growing Region: Chirra, Gera District, Jimma Zone, Oromia
Varietal: Heirloom
Altitude: 1960–2050 masl (meters above sea level)
Process: Washed
Grade: Grade 1
Roast: Light

Weight: 12 ounces
100% Arabica Whole Bean Coffee
Roast Dates are stamped on the back of your coffee bag.  Please enjoy within a few weeks!

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Sourced by: Cafe Imports, Minneapolis, MN

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