Kenya AB - Kamwangi

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Kenya AB - Kamwangi


This is an AB Top grade coffee from the Kamwangi factory in the eastern Kirinyaga district of Kenya. Registered in 1997, Kamwangi currently has 720 male members and 266 female members, and harvests around 250 trees per farmer. Varieties grown include Sl28 and Ruiru 11 and growing altitude can reach as high as 1900 masl. Kamwangi also works with its members to provide monetary advances and farm input loans.

Taste Notes: Green apple, apricot, lime, lemon.

Growing Region: Kirinyaga

Elevation: 1300-1900m

Process: Washed

Roast: Light

Weight: 12 ounces


Roast Dates are stamped on the back of your coffee bag. Please enjoy within a few weeks!


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